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The MassConn Sustainable Forest Partnership is a Regional Conservation Partnership – a collaboration of conservation organizations, municipalities, state and federal agencies working together at the regional scale to increase land protection and sustainable forest management in 39 towns on the Massachusetts and Connecticut border.

MassConn works to connect individuals and organizations with appropriate resources and develops new, collaborative solutions to advance forest conservation at the regional scale.

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Regional Conservation Partnerships

Why an RCP?

MassConn is one of over 43 Regional Conservation Partnerships (RCPs) in the Northeast U.S.

RCPs are inspired by the Wildlands and Woodlands vision, and for the most part consist of informal networks of private and public organizations and agencies that work together to implement a shared, long-term conservation vision across town and sometimes state boundaries.

Political boundaries are irrelevant to plant and animal communities, and to ecosystem processes. Ecologists increasingly understand the importance of landscape connectivity — contiguous and connected forested areas that allow species to migrate, interbreed, and shift their ranges in response to changes in the environment — to the health and sustainability of our ecosystems, and ultimately our planet. It is increasingly important that conservation groups work together to conserve land in a way that is meaningful on a larger, regional scale, and to tap into resources that are not available to organizations or individuals working alone.

The Southern New England Heritage Forest Regional Conservation Partnership Program

Funding is available for landowners, including Land Trusts and other non-government landowners to get a forest management plan with a bird habitat assessment.

The Last Green Valley (TLGV), the MassConn Sustainable Forest Partnership (MassConn) and the Northern Rhode Island Conservation District (NRICD) are pleased to offer funding for woodland landowners to obtain forest management plans with bird habitat assessments.

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Steering Committee

MassConn is guided by a volunteer steering committee appointed from key regional conservation organizations based in the MassConn region. Ed Hood, Executive Director of Opacum Land Trust, Inc. (a 501(c)3 charitable conservation organization, based in Brimfield, Massachusetts), serves as the Coordinator for MassConn, and Opacum Land Trust is the financial host for MassConn.

MassConn is funded on a project by project basis through grants and through financial support from the Norcross Wildlife Foundation.

Ed Hood

Opacum Land Trust

Leslie Duthie

Monson Conservation & Opacum Land Trust

James Gage

Northern Connecticut Land Trust

Cynthia Henshaw

East Quabbin Land Trust

Michael Hveem

Joshua's Tract Conservation Trust

Jennifer Ohop

Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary & Opacum Land Trust

Paul Pribula

Joshua's Tract Conservation Trust

Lindsay Suhr

Connecticut Forest & Park Association


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