Woodland Ambassadors

A Woodland Ambassador is a person who cares about the conservation of our woods. They understand the importance of good forest management practices.

Woodland Ambassadors are people like you: Landowners, foresters, community volunteers, conservation professionals and others who are willing to host an event to convey the benefits, opportunities and joy the woods provide to us.

Woodland Ambassadors who own and care for their own woodlands are ideal for communicating to peers and others because:

  • They know their neighbors and live in the community.
  • They can speak from their real-world experience about why they care about their land and how they have benefited from good forest management.
  • They can share their varied hands-on experiences with projects such as managing woodlands for wildlife, for managed timber harvesting, implementing an invasive species management program or developing new forest product opportunities.

Become a Woodland Ambassador

There is no obligation to be a Woodland Ambassador – it is an opportunity for you to share your passion for woodlands with your peers and community, and to help protect New England’s greatest natural resource – its forests new balance outlet. You love your woods. What's their future?

Or just sign-up to stay in touch about upcoming events and programs.

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